Will a Trump presidency mean tragedy to China?


(Image by Liu Xiaotian)

As United States’ president-elect Donald Trump’s transition team shaping, the world has become more and more curious about his foreign policy.

No country has been hit more than China during his campaign. From climate change hoax to threatening a higher import tax from China, Trump made it clear he will not treat China as nice as Russia.

But it seems like China is not so negative about a Trump presidency. President Xi was among the first leaders to send Mr Trump congratulations for his victory. In his message, Mr Xi referred China and the United States as the world’s top economies, said he hoped they could work together to expand China-U.S. cooperation in every field.

Some experts consider Mr Trump’s ‘America first’ policy will give China a great opportunity to gain its place on international stage. Dr. Wu Xinbo, chief executive of America Studies Center at Fudan University in China, pointed out that as a business man, Mr Trump would mostly think for economic side.

‘He should have realized that being a leader of the world would cost America a lot, thus I think he will restrain America’s interference in Europe and East Asia, he will let allies pay more and take more responsibilities. This could give China more opportunities to develop its own relations in these areas’, he said.

Although Mr Trump has threatened to target China for several times, many Chinese people still caught a different vibe. This week a video of Mr Trump’s granddaughter, Ivanka Trump’s daughter Arabella Kushner reciting Chinese poetry went viral on China’s social network.

(Video from Cai Wenjing/Weibo)

A lot of Chinese online users thought if he has let his granddaughter learn Chinese, it meant he had already taken China seriously. They believe with such attention, the president-elect will not make any reckless decision on China.